October 19, 2011

Host a Workplace Volunteer Fair

The Workplace Volunteer Fair will introduce and maintain interest of employees in local volunteer organizations. The Fair provides, in a relaxed, fun environment, an opportunity for employees to learn face-to-face about volunteer options and services in the community.

It is an event that gives community organizations an opportunity to recruit new volunteers and to explain their services and programs to the general public. The Saint John Volunteer Centre has on average 50 member agen-cies. The Fair can simple be a representative of the Volunteer Centre presenting all it member agencies volun-teer requests OR a number of agencies can also be present. In the second option, each agency or organization has the use of a display booth or table for the presentation of printed, visual, and audio-visual information.

Generally held in a workplace location which attracts a large number of people (for example, the lobby, cafete-ria or training room), an information fair may include any activity (such as a raffle or free lunch supported by your company) designed to capture the attention of employees.

A minimum of three months advance notice to the Saint John Volunteer Center for planning is recommended.

As the host company, you are responsible for the following:

  • finding a suitable location and time (for example, the cafeteria at noon);
  • handling internal promotion and publicity;
  • arranging for and setting up the display area (eg, display booths or tables, chairs, table skirts, lights, re-freshments);

An opening ceremony is optional but would mark the occasion with pomp and celebration and possibly attract media attention and make everyone feel proud and excited about the fair. Invite a special guest.

Contact to discuss the possibilities:
Saint John Volunteer Center