November 15, 2011

Training Formats & Fees

We offer … more specifically
Consultations An experienced trainer will assist agency staff or volunteers in some aspect of planning or development – usually one hour.
Organizational Needs Assessment This assessment tool can help pinpoint areas for growth in an agency. A trainer will bring the tool to an agency meeting of the board (and staff) to complete, then return with a summary of results and recommendations. New tool available – an agency Risk Assessment.
Customized Workshops Workshops can be customized to meet the needs of your organization. Experienced trainers can facilitate a variety of Board Development workshops, generally offered in up to three hour sessions.  (see Customized Workshops)
Resource Library Agency staff and volunteers can borrow relevant books and videos to meet their needs in Volunteer Management and Organizational Development.
Resource Booklet This free booklet listing web-sites and library resources available and is updated annually.



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