April 27, 2017

George Stackhouse

At the tender age of 16 George joined the Army and served for approximately 12 years, returned to Saint John and joined the Saint John Police Force in 1965 where he had a short but rewarding career. One of the highlights of his career happened when he discovered a fire on Brooks Street and help pull people out of the burning building. With the help of others all the families living in the building all got out safely.

George then moved on to Irving Pulp and Paper where he worked for 30 years retiring in 1999.

During the 1980’s George was very involved in Westfield, he took a position on the Village Recreation Council, organizing kids ball hockey, also he became involved with Westfield Little League coaching and also had involvement with the Westfield School boys Hockey program.

In 1992 George worked with others to re-invent the South End Little League program. George took on the role of equipment manager for the league. His team, the Pirates went on to win the championship that season.

George knew the importance of recreation in communities; kids need something to do instead of hanging around and getting themselves in trouble.

Over the years George kept in contact with some of the officers of the Saint John Police Force.

In the 1999 the Neighbourhood Police Council Incorporated was formed and George was one of the first to volunteer. George coordinated the Vial for Life Program for many years, also made presentations to senior groups regarding fraud and their safety.

These presentations were done while working alongside the west side community services group.

Since that time George has continued to be a valued volunteer within the police circle.

In 1999 following the Saint John Police Force celebrated its 150th anniversary with display at ABEC. The Saint John Police Museum Incorporated took many of the displays to then Sgt. Jim Fleming’s Community office on Canterbury Street.  George would visit with Sgt. Fleming and while there would invite tourists into see the displays.  George did this on his own and with great pride.

In 2005 George joined the Saint John Salvage Corp and Fire Police staying until 2008, during that time he reached the rank of Captain.  George then returned in 2011 reaching the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and recently retiring from the Corp. In speaking with Terry Hopey of the Salvage Corp he advised that George was their very best at some of the more difficult intersections doing traffic control.

When the Saint John Police Museum Incorporated moved with Sgt. Fleming to his new community office on Prince William Street, George was still very interested in the Museum.

In 2009 the Police Museum opened during the Cruise Ship days and George was ready and willing to do his part.  At one of the Police Museum meetings George suggested that someone should dress as a Bobby and meet and greet the tourists and invite them into the Museum.  Of course, George fit the bill with his police and military background. We fitted him out with a Bobby uniform and hat, George provided the pants, shoes (you could see your face in them) and of course the demeanour. George now has a custom made Bobby uniform provided by the Saint John Police Force.

In the fall the Museum closes for the season, however George then would be getting ready to assist with the Poppy Campaign with the Royal Canadian Legion, manning a kettle throughout the campaign.

Next on George’s agenda was the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Program which would take him over the Christmas season.

George always had a great love for music and volunteered as a broadcaster with the University of New Brunswick, Saint John Radio Station for many years, enjoying every minute of being on the air and preparing for his Saturday morning shows. George has since retired from this task as well.

Thank you, George, for your many years of service and congratulations to your wife Linda, because behind every man is a very good woman.

George continues to volunteer at the Saint John Police Museum Inc. located at 56 Prince William Street greeting and meeting all visitors locally and from away as we look forward to another successful season