November 13, 2011

How to become a member

As of¬†April 2016, we no longer charge our members. The Saint John Volunteer Centre’s goal is to serve all not-for-profit agencies in the Greater Saint John area that would like our help in recruiting and matching volunteers with opportunities.


Your agency must meet the following criteria to become a member:

  • Have status as a not-for-profit or
    • Status as a registered charity or
    • Status as a volunteer service within a government agency
  • Operate in the Greater Saint John area.
  • Have a structured volunteer program with a designated volunteer manager.
  • Ensure volunteers enhance current programs, not replace or supplant paid staff.

If your agency does not meet the above criteria and you wish to discuss eligibility please contact:

How to Application

  1. Fill out our Self Service online Member Agency Application
  2. After you fill out the Application, our Self Serve system will help you log on to your Administration site.
  3. Watch our Getting Started Video (coming soon).