Volunteer Spirit Award – Joshua Shanks

Tiffany Brown (Volunteer Saint John) presenting award to Josh Shanks

Joshua Shanks volunteers at the Loch Lomond Villa and according to his nominator has a unique ability to interact, lead and mentor their youth volunteers, while juggling the needs and wants of our caregivers. Josh’s maturity and empathy shone through in particular when he was able to connect and mentor two of our youth volunteers with learning disabilities.

In addition to working with youth volunteers, Josh was able to forge strong and deep personal relationships with many of our residents and staff members. He assists one of the residents with meals who has suffered a stroke and unable to feed himself, he spends time with one of the residents who is 104 years old, in her room knitting (yes knitting!) with her and helped her sell her goods at a craft fair in the fall. She literally comes alive when Josh comes into her room for a visit. He has begun a composting challenge with our recreation staff to supply important nutrients for his garden. He quietly has brought change to a department full of female employees and has given them a new perspective on today’s dedicated youth. He is someone everyone counts on to always be there and willing to help in any way he can. He routinely goes above and beyond for our residents without ever being asked to.

Josh has been recently accepted at Dalhousie Medical School in Saint John. Josh plans to continue his volunteering at Loch Lomond Villa.