Volunteer Spirit Award – Somaditya Das

Tiffany Bown (Volunteer Saint John) presenting award to Somaditya Das

Somaditya Das has tirelessly devoted himself to upholding cross-cultural diversity and collaboration in the community. His efforts have enabled people of all ethnicities in Saint John to not only retain their culture and traditions of origin, but to nurture and share them with others for the enrichment of this community.

As chair of the Asian Heritage Society of New Brunswick – Saint John Chapter (AHSNBSJ), and Vice President of the Indo-Canadian Society of Saint John (ICSSJ), he puts together a steady stream of vibrant cultural events and activities throughout the year, providing equal opportunities to all, for artistic expression in their own unique forms. When woven together into a rich tapestry, this becomes a true celebration of diversity in culture, race and way of life.

Although an IT Project Manager by profession, Somaditya is an artist by passion, with deep knowledge of the Vedic scriptures. He gives freely of his time and talent, donating paintings, and teaching art to young kids, with his belief that values are ingrained at a very early age. With his patience, calm and friendly nature, Somaditya works quietly in the background, never seeking recognition but with his sound leadership, driving each of his endeavors to success.