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Due to the vulnerability of STAR Network’s clientele, any volunteers interacting directly with clients will need to understand and agree to the boundaries & guidelines set out by the network. Criminal record checks may also be necessary. 


SEEKING  Volunteer Coordinator of Volunteers

 Roles & Responsibilities  

  • coordinate other volunteers:
  • maintain a list of active volunteers and keep track of who volunteers when
  • contact volunteers & get a team together when moves are scheduled, or contact movers if cost of move is covered
  • if move is being conducted by volunteers, ensure that some has or has access to a truck
  • ensure that apartment start up kits & food baskets are picked up and dropped off to client
  • coordinate drop off/pick up of donations at the storage spaceThe STAR Network would also greatly benefit from a volunteer with graphic design skills, this work would not necessitate interacting with clients and therefore a criminal record check would not be necessary.  Task would include:
  • the creation of a logo for the STAR network
  • arranging information about the STAR Network into a brochure for awareness purposes
  • creating a separate brochure or insert with information that is landlord specific
  • assisting in the creation of a website/webpage for the STAR Network
  • compiling a list of all regular free community meals in the different areas of the city
  • creation of flyers and promotional material for awareness & fundraising purposes

Jenny O’Connell

Community Development Coordinator

Human Development Council

(506) 636-8549