Recruiting volunteers for Diabetes Support


The Canadian Diabetes Association is in immediate need of people to call churches in their region to see if they will place a short blurb about our D-Support Program (a telephone-based peer support for those living with type II diabetes) in their bulletins.


  • Compile a list of local churches in your      area (from phone book or internet) and phone them to see if a short blurb      can be placed in their upcoming bulletin.
  • Keep track of who has been contacted,      needs follow up, etc.
  • Carry through with follow up by sending      the blurb (by email, fax, etc)
  • Communicate progress with CDA Volunteer      Coordinator so efforts in various communities aren’t duplicated


  • This can be done from home (home phone or      cell) anywhere in New Brunswick!      Calls are local so as to not incur long distance charges.
  • Access to a phone book or internet in      order to acquire church contacts (we do not have call lists already      prepared)
  • Friendly telephone voice and strong      customer service approach (i.e. thanking even if a church is not able to      accommodate)
  • Volunteers making calls do not need to      live with diabetes nor do they have to have any religious affiliation
  • Note: the “blurb” will be provided to you      as well as other general information on the D-Support      Program so you feel comfortable knowing what it is
  • Skills: working independently, organized,      taking initiative, communication, follow-up, etc.

Why is this role so important?

Although we have made progress to date in recruiting volunteers for D-Support, we still need more! With training now underway (role-specific training is happening Oct. 28th and Nov. 6th), we would love to see more volunteers at these sessions.

 Other ways you could help or for those more techie?

Post the “blurb” on town websites, community e-boards, Facebook pages, etc.

If you are our volunteer, please be in touch with Jerri at (506)451-1630 or 1-800-884-4232 ext. 0 or email!

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