Trinity Anglican Church

The role of Outreach at Trinity is to build connections between our parish and communities in need. We value this work greatly, and believe that it completes our worship, whereby we are sent into the world “to love and serve the Lord.”

Trinity and its members are involved in a wide variety of activities and initiatives that bring members of our community (from both near and far…) together, to eat, sing, play or pray. Learn more about our Outreach activities and Parish Nursing Ministry.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Trinity hosts various events and activities for the community. Volunteer opportunities include working with our various groups (outreach, fundraising, fellowship), helping out with Manwich Mondays, Monthly Community Breakfasts, “Souper Tuesdays”.

Visit us at

Phone the church office at 693-8558 or the Parish Nursing office at 642-7348.

To sign up apply here