Volunteering Tips

Tips from Volunteer Canada, a national resource for volunteering:

  • If you had all the human and financial resources in the word, what problem would you solve, what would you change or what would you create? Your answer will tell you what matters most to you.
  • How much time can you commit? Something on a regular/weekly basis? A short-term/one-time opportunity?
  • Would you like to volunteer with other people or by yourself? One on one or in groups?
  • Would you like to volunteer behind the scenes, in an office, sit on boards or committees, or provide direct services to clients?
  • If you’d like to volunteer away from home, where is the best location for you? Near your home, your work, or your child’s day care? Is transportation a problem?
  • Do you hope to meet new people? Practise speaking English?
  • Are you willing to take training?
  • Do you want something easy and comfortable, or something which stretches you?