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The  Elizabeth Fry Society of Saint John was established in Saint John in April 1987, and has been a  resource to women who are criminalized, marginalized, victimized or at risk of  becoming in volved in the Criminal Justice System.  We operate out of our office located at 68 Carleton Street  and within the community through the generation financial donations as well as  volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Additional Board Members , a treasurer,Volunteers for one day women’s retreat prior to Oct 26 and on that day.Also looking for volunteers to assist with new Holistic Wellness program one evening per week for 20 weeks stating this fall. Would be responsible for meal preparation and serving and clean up could be a church group, friends group etc.Also looking for 2 younger women with experience in facilitating program for teen girls one night a week for 12 weeks could be in university.We are no longer looking for volunteers to visit in provincial jail but will train any interested volunteers for Mother/ Child Read Aloud program/ visits at federal prison in N S.

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Contact Marianna Stack <mlstack@nbnet.nb.ca>

Find out more about this Member Agency at: www.elizabethfry.ca